Proofread Like a Pro

Do you find errors too late, after clients and customers have already noticed them? No more cringing in embarrassment!

In this practical, interactive course, you will learn the techniques that professional proofreaders use to ensure error-free documents. You will be able to apply them to your emails, reports, letters, web pages, and other communications.

You Will Learn To:

  • Find errors in formatting, consistency, spelling, word choice, and content, as well as typos, transpositions, and missing words.
  • Apply proofreading best practices to increase the accuracy of the materials you produce.
  • Recognize bad practices and unconscious habits that lead to overlooked errors.
  • Use job aids to sharpen your skills and your attention to detail.

How You Will Learn

After a warm-up to get your proofreading juices flowing, you will learn through short interactive presentations in which you will hear and see best practices illustrated. Then you will apply them yourself in six progressively more challenging proofreading practices. You will see the instructor’s solutions and review the reasons for the corrections.

Your learning materials in Proofread Like a Pro include two proofreading checklists, 12 best practices, six proofreading test exercises, procedures for fine-tuning your grammar and spelling checker, and four articles to reinforce and extend your learning.

Once you register, you will have 90 days to complete the course.

What Students Are Saying

“After taking Proofread Like a Pro, I look at documents, letters and articles with an entirely new set of eyes. I use the 'proofing' techniques every day and refer to the checklists often. Lynn really knows her craft!”

—Chris Lace, Director of Administration, Aleut Corporation

"The Proofread Like a Pro practice sessions were fantastic. They reminded me to slow down and take my time. They were also a good reminder to read everything and stop expecting things to be correct (e.g., spelling, acronyms, etc.).” 

—Anna Osada Elder, Senior Marketing Coordinator, Engineering Consulting Firm

Course Curriculum

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What's Included?

1 Survey
1 Text
15 Presentations
Lynn Gaertner-Johnston
Lynn Gaertner-Johnston
Writing Expert, Founder of Syntax Training

About the Instructor

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston is a gifted teacher.

She has helped thousands of professionals improve their business communications. In her corporate teaching career of more than 25 years, Lynn has worked with executives, engineers, administrative professionals, scientists, sales staff, managers, public employees, and others, helping them get their messages across clearly, concisely, and correctly.

Her 100+ clients include REI, MasterCard, Microsoft, Ledcor, Boeing, Tennessee Valley Authority, PACCAR, Precor, Puget Sound Energy, Port of Seattle, and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. She also taught managerial communications in the MBA programs at the University of Washington and UW Bothell.

She knows her subject well. 

Lynn is the author of the award-winning book Business Writing With Heart: How to Build Great Work Relationships One Message at a Time. Her blog, Business Writing, attracts more than 6 million annual visitors from six continents. She has been quoted on business writing etiquette in The Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, Atlantic, and other media.

She earned her M.A. in communication from the University of Notre Dame and her B.A. in English from Bradley University. She studied proofreading and editing at New York University.

Lynn teaches with a love of her subject and a pleasure in sharing its practical value. She is dedicated to helping people communicate more effectively.

What Students Are Saying

“My work in policy development requires extensive writing and editing. Because of the courses I've taken from Syntax Training, I am more confident in my ability to write clearly and concisely, apply correct grammar and punctuation, and edit documents."

—Linda Harris-Proctor, Business Analyst, Bonneville Power Administration

“Your teaching is absolutely superb.”

—Mary Russell, Systems Analyst–Integration, ZirMed