Meeting Notes Made Easy

No more note-taking anxiety!

Learn how to take meeting notes and minutes the easy way. 

Is taking meeting minutes difficult or daunting? Meeting Notes Made Easy will help you take notes and minutes more easily, efficiently, and confidently. 

Meeting notes and minutes are the all-important work product of meetings. How can you produce these valuable documents the easy way? This course provides you with insights, best practices, strategies, templates, examples, and practice to ease note-taking assignments. It helps you reduce your note-taking challenges and produce professional, effective notes and minutes.

Notes vs. minutes: This course is for you whether you take notes at freeform, action-packed team meetings or formal meetings that follow parliamentary procedure. The best practices presented in the course apply in both situations. You will review examples of both informal notes and formal minutes and learn strategies to use in any note-taking setting.

In Meeting Notes Made Easy you will learn to:

  • Replace stress-inducing beliefs about minutes with helpful beliefs and best practices.
  • Recognize which information to record--and how much.
  • Incorporate the right content for meetings that follow Robert's rules of order.
  • Capture essential information before the group moves on.
  • Apply strategies to write concise, actionable minutes.
  • Complete your final meeting notes and minutes promptly. 
  • Collaborate with the meeting leader and the group to make your job easier.  

Learn the answers to these questions and many more: 

  • Should I take minutes by hand or on a laptop?
  • If something happens after the meeting that's relevant to the discussion, should I include it in the meeting notes?
  • Should any part of meeting minutes be a transcript? 
  • How much of a guest speaker's presentation belongs in the minutes? 
  • How can I take notes when I don't understand the technical jargon everyone uses?
  • How do I produce meeting notes that people actually read? 

Note-taking practice: When you have learned a range of strategies, you will take notes at a virtual meeting. This practice gives you an opportunity to apply what you have learned and to identify additional changes you want to make in your note-taking habits. After the virtual meeting, you will move through an expert review of the meeting's content, comparing the information you captured with the instructor's. 

Bonus learning: Beyond learning to take more efficient notes and minutes, you will get tips and strategies to improve your meetings. When your meetings improve, your job as a note-taker takes less effort.

Time required: Working through the course online takes about 4 hours. If you complete the suggested activities--conversations with people in your organization--it will take longer. You can take as much time as you need in a lesson. Just complete the course within 90 days of your registration.

Your learning takeaway materials include:

  • 27-page course notebook
  • 4 note-taking templates, including a combined agenda-minutes template
  • 1 article, "How to Help Your Meeting Note-Taker"
  • 123 slides featured in the presentations in a PDF

Great meetings + excellent minutes = productive work groups. Do your part to strengthen the equation. 

You can enjoy your note-taking responsibilities. Enroll in Meeting Notes Made Easy!

What Students Are Saying

“One of the most helpful items I found in this course was the note templates. They assist in keeping my notes on track and organized.  In addition, the practice meeting really helped me visualize which areas I need to improve upon and which areas I have strengths in.”
—Kristy Lapham, Data Quality Analyst, Core Health and Fitness

“Yesterday I completed my first set of minutes since attending the class. What a huge improvement. I spent considerably less time writing, included less extraneous detail, and felt much less stressed. Hurray! Your teaching really made a tremendous difference.”
—Jennifer Taylor, Organizational Development Manager, Public Utility District No. 1 of Chelan County

“This web workshop helped guide me in the right direction to take meeting notes the ‘right way’! I feel more confident as the note taker in meetings. I make sure I capture the right information so the meeting committee can use my minutes as a guide."
—Melissa Summerfield, Training Specialist, HR, Organic Valley Family of Farms

What's included?

1 Survey
1 Text
14 Presentations
Rachel Jones
Rachel Jones
Business Writing Expert

About the instructor

Rachel Jones is an Online Instructor, Writer, and Teacher.

As an Online Instructor for both Brigham Young University - Idaho and then BYU Pathway Worldwide, Rachel has been teaching writing at the collegiate level for over seven years. She has experience with diverse groups, helping students around the world master the English language and feel comfortable with writing principles. Additionally, she has taught life skills courses and is trained in working with students who speak English as a second language. Rachel has also spent several semesters as a teaching supervisor, helping other instructors maximize the potential of their courses to benefit students and produce positive results in their classrooms.

She knows her subject well. 

Rachel creates content actively for several clients, in addition to her own creative writing ventures. As an award-winning writer, Rachel has a passion for Literary Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction. She believes that her creative writing helps her stay sharp for writing professional content that connects well with audiences. 

With experience in graphic design and web design, Rachel is able to easily combine well-crafted messages with an aesthetic appeal. She translates her powerful storytelling abilities into visual messages that maintain their strong impact.

Content is Key.

Rachel has a talent for motivating others, and uses her knowledge of servant leadership to create strong teams – teams that produce quality work. With 5 years of corporate management experience, she’s acquired experience in managing major projects and coordinating marketing events. She has a unique gift for evaluating management processes, quickly identifying holes and finding long-term solutions.

Rachel has a passion for helping other writers improve, and enjoys delivering content that exceeds client expectations.

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